Skills Required for a Data Engineer

There is no formal path for a data engineer, but there are knowledge-base and skills a data engineer should possess to be successful.

A data engineer needs to be conversant with both data and technology.

On one hand, this includes knowing about various best practices around data management like data quality, data governance etc.

On the other hand, it’s about being aware of various options for tools, their interplay, and their trade-offs.

One needs to have a good understanding of software engineering, DataOps, and data architecture.

And a data engineer should also be able to look at the big picture in order to understand the data requirements of consumers and plug it back to data producers.

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Ankit Rathi is a Cloud Data Technologist, published author & well-known speaker. His interest lies primarily in building end-to-end data/AI applications/products following best practices of Data Engineering and Architecture.

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