Data Industry has (kind of) come to a Full Circle

Back in 2012, I was working as a data architect when I first time heard about data science and the narrative around its going to be the ‘job of the century’.

FOMO kicked in and I learned data science, after a while I started getting some related work as well, and I was also able to switch completely to a data science role thereafter.

Sooner I realized that current ML/AI is all data-driven, so data specialists (data engineers and data architects) are equally important to add value.

But I could only see data science roles floating in the market and even in my job, I was seen as a data science guy who also knows data engineering and architecture, and not the other way round.

A couple of years back, I could see ‘data engineers are also important’ narrative and related jobs in the market, still I felt there is a void as good enough design/architecture is a backbone to build a decent data product/solution.

Of late, I can see data architect positions are in demand across organizations, which is quite satisfying and I feel the data industry has (kind of) come to a full circle.

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Ankit Rathi is a Principal Data Engineer, published author & well-known speaker. His interest lies primarily in building end-to-end AI applications/products following best practices of Data Engineering and Architecture.

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